October 2020

Mukantwari Adeline
TOMORROW COMES ONCE! Dear brothers and sisters, I wanted to remind you what the global economy can look like after this pandemic and if it doesn't stop as soon as possible. I did not do this to make you forget that we are all in the middle of thinking about our lives, but also to make you thi nk about what can happen and to take some measures. There are a lot of questions you may be asking yourself. The negative effects of this pandemic (COVID-19) on the world economy will be disastrous. There will be a problem with international logistics, especially business networks that will be slightly disrupted, such as the transportation of raw materials and finished products. There will also be irregular supply to industries. I imagine that we will face a drop in purchasing power in all countries if this pandemic does not stop as soon as possible. Of course the needs of all kinds will never stop increasing as usual. Even in countries that I can call powerful countries or rich countries, people will soon lose their rational lives.