October 2020

Kwitonda Aaron
WHAT DO WE EXPECT AFTER CORONA As you have already seen, inflation and currency devaluation has already started, so this is a very small signal of what is going to happen soon. It's just the economic crises that will even bring us into a condition where our leaders will be forced to take econo mic measures that are even energetic. Measures that the people will not like. There will be a persistent imbalance between the supply and demand of civilian consumer products that will push up prices and reinforce the internal and external budget deficits of developing countries in particular. Unemployment will hit hard in a part of the world that I can call the poor world (the developing part of the world). For the developed countries of course there will only be a small economic Schutte to a large one, depending on how long this situation lasts. But also their economies will not continue as usual, because they will lose some ground. This means that the industries and big companies in the developed countries will not be able to support a large number of people, because this can also lead to intensive overproduction. I seem to have forgotten something that you also think that people can be aware of what can happen to us if this situation doesn't become fixed as soon as possible. just if we continue like this everything consumes without producing. leave me a comment.