Why Global Hope Net ?

Global Hope Net is a non-profit organization whose objective is to assist in the process of generating new local businesses. Everything we do always revolves around the citizen of this planet. We have no other source of income to support our daily work but we always hope that you can recognize the value of everything we do to make life possible for every citizen of this planet. We invite you to support our work. Your support can help us improve our work, expand, reach more people, and help a large number of young people to bring more solutions to our community.

20-06-2021 Current date
06 Employees
05 Years of experience
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What We Do

Start-up business coaching

we all believe in knowledge and skills Transfer or exchange

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We enable the cross-border collaboration

We believe that the challenges around us are the opportunities to us

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We connect you to a partner

We understand that Partnership and Collaboration are the key leading to success for our initiatives

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We Are Here To Help Grow Your Business

With us you can start your business idea in your hometown .

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We are to reach out to everyone for our better future

15 August

Hayfa zilar

Student at morocco university

hello, guys. am hayfa from morocco i always love to be part of good project which wants to support others from different aspects

10 May

Issac mcjeff

farmer in Ireland

vision with courage is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.

21 April

Innocent Cyubahiro

Co-founder of animal care

I always know how it feels to support someone who needs help the most, this platform can help so many if we understand what we are doing and knows this world how it works. lets donate and uprise others to get where they wish to be.

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we believe in home solutions and in giving back to our local community.